Aramax Eliquid 30ml 0mg


Aramax Eliquid 30ml 0mg



Aramax Eliquid 30ml

Aramax Eliquid 30ml 0mg

A special series Aramax Eliquid offers a high quality and affordable e-liquids for everyday vaping. The flavor of your favorite energy drink, lightly sweet, and excellent undertones


Cheap does not necessarily mean low quality! Aramax e-liquids does not contain diacetyl nor acetoin, the production is done in strict compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 8317 and strict is also a careful selection of suppliers of different raw materials needed for the finished e-liquid.
Every bottle of Aramax Eliquid is checked, thoroughly cleaned and vacuum tested against any leakage. Throughout the whole production process the e-liquid is controlled and this ensures a consistent quality of the finished product.
Aramax Eliquid contains quality grade neutral flavors, which are good even in more powerful devices. It also contains a 50% of VG (vegetable glycerol), which increases the vapor production.
This e-liquid can be used in all types of electronic cigarettes available on the market.

Flavour Description

Classic Tobacco Classic Tobacco is a full, rich, and balanced blend of strong tobacco notes with a nice caramel and tobacco aftertaste.

USA Tobacco USA Tobacco has a mild tobacco flavor, enhanced with a touch of honey, and delivers a clean aftertaste

Sahara Tobacco Sahara Tobacco is a natural, oriental tobacco flavor enriched with honey and selected fruits. The body is full and balanced and leaves a nice aftertaste.

Green Tobacco Green Tobacco is a light tobacco with a hint of spice and sweet rose, which leaves a slightly spicy aftertaste.

Cigar Tobacco Cigar Tobacco has a rich tobacco flavor with a nutty note, full body, strong aroma, and clean aftertaste.

Max Watermelon Max watermelon is the taste and aroma of natural, fresh watermelons, turned up to the max and enjoyable on any vaping device

Max Peach Max Peach provides maximum juicy peach flavor accompanied by the balanced aroma of natural peaches.

Max Apple Max Apple is the taste of fresh green apples maximized, with a sweet, clean aftertaste and refreshing aroma.
Max Berry Max Berry is a mix of forest berries, including strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and even a touch of mango to maximize the sweetness

Max Strawberry Max Strawberry has a sweet juicy bite and flavor of real, natural strawberries which you will enjoy to the max.

Coffee Max Coffee Max is the real taste of sweet coffee. Slightly bitter, deliciously sweet, and blended for maximum flavor

Max Energy Max Energy is the taste of your favorite energy drink, lightly sweet, and with a fruity aroma.

Vanilla Max Vanilla max is a rich, creamy vanilla flavor you will absolutely enjoy to the max

Max Cream Dessert Max Cream Dessert is a creamy, custardy delight with a slight hint of nuts that offers a big vape and full flavor you will love.

Max Menthol Max Menthol is a favorite blend of menthol and light tobacco which provides a natural aroma and maximum cooling refreshment.

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